7th July 1996. I distinctly recall it was a Sunday. The day we started our Animation Production House In Mumbai – 2nz Animation Co. With just 10k in our kitty. No chairs, no computer, no paraphernalia. Just an empty space, which I spent cleaning with acid the night before. A lot of hope. And our first client on the first day itself.

21 years, 6 National Awards, 8 International awards later, the company has morphed into a fully fledged Production House – Climb Media.

My first ‘intern’ cum ’employee’ cum ‘peon’ – Tehzeeb eventually married me and fulfilled her ulterior motive of taking over the company. 🙂 But, to be honest this journey wouldn’t have as successful and rewarding without her complete support.

As a company, we saw many successes. A lot of pioneering efforts. Equally we also braved many, many challenges, a few ‘valley of deaths’ (we’re experiencing one right now), existential crisis’ which required a lot of sharp u-turns and reinventions to stay relevant. This organization has given us much – a great work place, a good living and a reason to smile each day.

450+ ad films. 20+ Award Winning Short Films for Leading Agencies In India And International. 3 feature films. We’ve not done badly at all. I hope to write a blog on our Silver Jubilee now.

A big shout out to all our stakeholders and people who believed in us. Thank you for being part of the journey! God bless.

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