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T for Taj Mahal – the intent and ambition.

Of the 780mn people illiterate worldwide, India is home to almost 300mn of them. Despite the intent and actions of subsequent governments to spread the reach of literacy, India’s shameful malaise is far from easing.

When I was offered to direct feature film T for Taj Mahal by my dear friend and Producer Abis Rizvi, I saw potential beyond just a poignant story. It’s a story of a protagonist who invents a business that goes beyond just bottom lines, a social entrepreneurship that measures its success in the number lives it has transformed. A moving story that reaffirms Richard Branson’s wonderful adage – Doing good is good business.

Having made a lot of National award winning films with social themes, I connected and reveled with the inherent purpose. The film explores not only the inner personal conflict and guilt of the protagonist, but also touches upon the extra-personal, underlying systemic issues and dogmas. If we get it right this movie is a potential Impact Film with immense potential to change the psyche of many, to lead a fulfilled life that moves beyond ambition into the realm of deeper Purpose.

We have commenced our journey to find the right partners with their hearts in the right place. I miss my benevolent Producer – Abis. You were gone too soon my friend, but the film defines your beliefs and convictions. With his blessings, we move ahead to be the change in the world. Wish us luck.